Wagging Tail-182

Mom and me watch our Church in Ireland early on Sunday morning when the house is quiet and we sit still.

Today the last hymn was Granny’s favorite. Ma sent an instant message during the live stream explaining that this was too cool as it had just been Granny’s 100th birthday! Low and behold the Rev Merv saw the comment and immediately shared it with the congregation. Isn’t that so amazing. Many of the people present will remember Granny as she was such a pillar of the place!

This speed of communication is something you could never have dreamed of even ten years ago let alone in 1920 when Granny was born.

The fastest message would have been a telegram and that would have taken many hours if not days to reach Ireland from the USA! Now it happens « in the moment »

As Auntie Helen reflected in a message to Mum on Granny’s birthday so much has changed in those 100 years.

Yet nature in large part stays the same. Geraniums that were a permanent feature in Granny and Aunt Helens family still bloom and give us their colors in our windows.

Yesterday on one of her treasure hunts Ma found a beautiful photograph. Taken in Fleuri France by a photographer called Alan Klug it is what else but Geraniums in a window.

Destined now for the photography section at Tea & Treasures it is a lasting record of another moment in time

Blessing # 844 – Snap Chat

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