Wagging Tail 186

Do you ever have days that feel like a week?

I had one of those today so I’ll be reporting on it in episodes.

Herself woke up at 4:45. Nothing unusual in that except she got up too! Bless!

Good for star gazing.

She had her coffee and that glue she eats on cold days and gave me my crunchies. Two hours later after constant typing on her phone she speaks to me. Do you want to go to work Scooby?

Heck yes!

Pitch black outside still, I wondered were we doing a night shift?

No we drove off into the dawn.

Beautiful it was and just as we hit Dunkin Donuts the sun rose on the city of Marion.

She had a whole dozen of the good ones but not a morsel crossed my lips! She bought them for the workmen who were going to start to demo. To her great delight they were going to put back a hole in a wall that had been there once before. Humans!

I was not even allowed into the darn place for more than five minutes as I’d « get in the way »

She too was evicted when they started to pull down the ceiling.

Ha! So we hit the road again only to stop less than a mile away. At last time for a walk and some relief for me!

But heavens where was she taking me now…….

Blessing # 848 – Workout

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