Wagging Tail- 185

Man I was feeling yuck this morning. Ma had me up half the night. Tossing and turning toute la nuit!

Throwing the duvet on then off then on then up to pee then water then more tossing and turning. How the heck is a fellow meant to sleep.

I nodded off almost as soon as I got up and she would have too but we had a date with Auntie Denise.

We were no sooner back than she took off to paint with Paula. She’s my newest Auntie and I think I am going to be very attached to her. She has her own canine and she’s fun and makes Mom laugh a lot. Plus she can paint perfectly ( unlike a certain person I am close to)

Once Ma and Paula had finished their first room at the project she rushed home as we had another date with my one and only Auntie Lori.

Oh BLISS she’s been saving up the treats for me and I got half a bag full!

I am so very fortunate my Mom has such lovely Sisters! Can you see I have a little love heart for them around my nose?

Blessing # 847 – Aunties

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