Wagging Tail – 188

We had frost this morning so my tootsies got really chilled even with my Uggs on.

They soon warmed up though when Ma and me went out with Auntie Denise. No one else was around so Ma let me run free and I got to race and chase squirrels and lots of birds.

I have a great eye and nose you know and can spot a moving critter a mile away.

I point them out to Ma and sometimes she’ll stop and look at them but you’d hardly call her a birdwatcher.

Seems that this hobby is becoming very popular though especially among the young. There’s even a new community developing called Flock Together focused on building feathership. I’d love to join them.

I’ve always been something of a trend setter and so have some of my dear loved ones who are Ma’s chums.

There’s Miss Mary whose such an avid bird watcher she has a special room in her house set up just to observe them more closely.

Then there is Uncle Sandy who not only watches and photographs them he also jumps out of airplanes to join them.

If anyone has heard of a doggy parachute give me a whistle and I’ll be right back to try that too

Blessing # 850 – Flights of Fancy

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