Wagging Tail- 189

Yesterday after she “bantered” for me Ma put on her coat and said she was off to an auction. No one was allowed to go with her as she didn’t want to be rushed. She left with the order “don’t murder each other” which is a bad sign it means she intends to be away for hours.

Sure enough she returned five hours later with three pictures. Not a big deal. Well as it turned out it was an extremely big deal indeed.

At the auction she was after tables for the tea-room. They were all sold by the time she arrived! All that was on offer was farm equipment and old bits and pieces of wood and metal. She was gutted but her guiding light told her to hang in there till the end and so she did.

The very last item offered was the one the auctioneer was using as his desk. It was an old picnic table in two half’s with benches attached. She was the only one who bid on it and so of course she got it! A table a table a table!!!!!

Turns out though she couldn’t even fit one half in her car let alone two. Some lovely soul saw her dilemma and asked where she was going. He said he was heading that way and would take it on his truck. Even that was a challenge but sure enough half an hour later after crawling along country roads they arrived at the project.

The man called Gianni wouldn’t take a penny just said it was his good deed for the day. He liked that she came from Ireland as he’d been there when his son was studying art at The Burren College if Arts.

Turns out his son Joe Lombardo is now a well know artist and is having an exhibition soon. Ma said she’d go with Dad and maybe one day he could do a show at the tea-room

Today I decided she was not getting out without me Incase she bought some other massive materials so I got my leash and blocked the door.

She took me and Dad too and again we went deep into the country to a barn. That stuff was way too expensive for our budget so we left it and went to Goodwill where she scored exactly what she needed another teapot!

Not just that she also of course had to rescue another little picture. I tell you there will be no need to paint these walls all we’ll need are hooks and hangers. It’s cute though!

Perfect for the garden room with that picnic table in place!

Blessing # 851 – Art Works!

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