Wagging Tail- 195

We took Dad to see all our progress at work today.

On the way we made a pit stop at the BIG sausage shop.

Much as I tried I wasn’t allowed inside but the smells were magic!

Mom says we’re going there to get our ham for the holidays and our sausage for our stuffing.

My mouth is watering already. This place is so smart

They also have these fabulous pies. They’re about three times the price of supermarket pies but Mom says they look amazing so she’s already told the bro he can take his pick on which ones he wants.

I was so fired up by all those smells and the prospect that we’re only a month from the Thanksgiving feast that I clean jumped on the table and did a little dance for Dad.

I didn’t have to jump too high as the table hasn’t it’s legs on yet. It looks more like a Japanese tea ceremony than an Irish homestead right now but a GREEN floor will fix that soon!

Oh and I forgot to say Dad said we did GOOD!

Blessing # 857 – Thumbs Up

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