Wagging Tail – 194

What a chockablock day. First we met Auntie Liz and my friend PJ and his new bro Eddie who is now four pounds.

PJ and I are very protective of the little guy and we took him on a two mile hike around the neighborhood. He did well and even walked on his little leash for a while like us grown ups!

When we got home we quickly hit the road for work passing all the landmarks that are becoming so familiar.

We headed north on 315 passing Liberty Church built in 1810.

Soon we said goodbye to the river and joined State Route 23.

We could see blue skies ahead but now know as soon as we pass the sausage shop we gotta take a right onto route 423.

That leads us into farm country past the barns and big pumpkin farm and finally into the center of town.

When we pass President Harding’s home where he did his campaigning that led to his election a whole 100 years ago this month we know we’ve reached our destination.

It’s right beside our place and wouldn’t you know it’s GREEN!

Is there any other color!

Blessing # 856 – A Road More Travelled

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