Wagging Tail- 198

The greening of my life continues and I’m not even slightly envious by nature!

Before she left to slap on more semi gloss at the project she cut about half a field of mint to keep Dad and me busy while she was gone.

We were now all set to get started on the annual chutney making bonanza. Friends who like it hot get this for their Christmas. Good Grinch Gunk!

The table was covered in newspaper to collect all the stems and dodgy leaves and it took poor Dad and me four hours to pick those leaves off.

Tedious job best given to Dad as Ma has not the patience for this work.

She says she had the time of her life painting one of the floors. Discovered her vocation. It gave her such joy.

Seems while she was on her knees it struck her that the poor Queen probably has never experienced the delight of transforming a dirty old plank or two with a big pot of paint.

It’s gleaming! Better than any jewel!

Blessing # 860 – Emerald

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