Wagging Tail- 199

Ma was paint sniffing again most of the day but she sandwiched that between two walks with me.

On our morning outing we met Auntie Denise and even though it was drizzling we headed for the park like brave country folk do.

Half way there, passing through an adjoining neighborhood I was stopped in my tracks by the smell of gas. Ma smelt it too and so did Denise so we did what good neighbors do and rang the doorbell to tell the homeowners.

No one there! What to do? By now we’d got used to the smell and started to wonder if it was for real. We decided it was best to call 911.

Auntie Denise made the call and stayed by the house while Ma and me went on to the park. When we got back our trusty fire service and police department had already responded. They are GREAT! So fast and so efficient. They checked out the site and gave us the all clear. Seems that this can happen sometimes and they said we did the right thing.

This afternoon when Ma came home and had a big cuppa chai tea we went downtown.

We hadn’t been for a while but since it was threatening rain again it’s a good walk that allows us to get back to the car if it starts pouring.

Who knows why but again we were struck by a smell. This time the smell of roses. A few are still blooming in our village green. We sussed them out and discovered it was the few yellow ones that were giving us a salute. May be the last time we smell them this year but like the fire brigade and police we can count on them to return!

Blessing # 861 – Faithful Friends

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