Wagging Tail – 201

Ma is working this afternoon at the antique mall so she’s doing a short secretarial service for me a bit early.

All morning she’s had her nose in her phone. She hardly had time to take me to the park. Says she’s working on «The Menu »!

What the heck do you need a menu for if all your offering is Tea?

Well it seems there are all sorts of tea and wouldn’t you know it she’ll be offering MINT Tea!

I should have guessed! All this stress and nonsense is simply an outlet for that green weed that’s taken over my yard.

She says there has to be accompaniments for her beverages! Next thing you know she’ll be testing lavender cookies.

Wish she’d just stick to shoving plants in a vase like any reasonable person would do.

Mind you if the beverage is accompanied by something substantial I might reconsider my perspectives.

Unlikely to happen though! This puppy ain’t no «Finger Sandwich ». Maybe the bro and I should start our own venture! I’ve even got a name in mind.

The Scooby Snack Shack!

Blessing # 863 – Sumptuous Spreads

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