Wagging Tail- 200

Can you believe this is my 200th epistle. It’s hard to imagine all the water that has passed under the bridge since I put paw to paper. A lot more will be flowing downstream by the time today is over too!

We all had hoped and prayed back then that COVID would by now be a distant dream but it is just a recurring nightmare. It’s a big bad bug!

This morning Ma dragged me out of bed early and then tossed me in the trunk of the car and took off into the dark in the pouring rain.

We are now sitting in a parking lot by the airport listening to the planes take off. Seems someone’s going somewhere but it’s not us! Never been this up close and personal with an airplane before. Even if you can’t see them they sure make a mighty roar!

We’re just waiting for this downpour to stop long enough to get out for my constitutional.

If it doesn’t ease off soon we’ll need to make a run for it.

At least the earth has turned sufficiently for us to now have light in the sky. Ma says the only thing worse than being wet and cold is being wet and cold in the dark.

It doesn’t worry me one jot as long as we’re together. Oh wait we just saw a plane! There’s hope!

Blessing # 862 – Promise of Clearing Conditions

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