Wagging Tail – 208

This is a sad story with a happy ending.

Remember my Blue Elephant well it was claimed by another. Seems one of my girlfriends, the big yellow lab from across the street, dropped it in Karen’s yard.

Ma gave it back and I cried so much about loosing it that my bro has ordered an identical one for me on the internet.

It’s on its way but while I’m waiting I eyed a few other potential babies around the house. I liked the little monster but Ma said it has a metal bit in it that’s too dangerous for me to handle! Any excuse she just loves it for herself.

Anyway she caved in and gave me one that is deemed safe and that I’ll cuddle till my blue baby arrives.

I took it out in the car for a drive today as we did yard sales and you’ll never guess what we ended up buying!

A whole stack of collectible cuties.

I tried to get up close and personal with some that are particularly attractive but was told to back off.

Seems they are destined to sit in little chairs and take tea!

Has anyone got some medicine I can give this woman? No strong liquor though as she might get ideas about dressing me up too like these critters.

Blessing # 871– Toy Takeover

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