Wagging Tail- 209

After Church Ma took Dad to Goodwill for a little bargain hunting before going to work.

They were looking for teapots and found a small one ideal for a single serve. Of course herself could not leave it there. She also found a vintage chopping board with some soppy poem on it and just what we don’t need another chair.

It is so beautiful she says that it may never leave our home. For the moment Dad has banned it from entry as its all covered in cobwebs so it’s still in the garage.

After work she had to hit another store and snagged some more art. There will not be enough walls in this flipping tearoom to take all these treasures. They have now encroached on my living space. This is turning into the new Getty museum!

That’s not all though. If she gets a good sleep at night she can’t stop during the day. So when she got home she took me for a walk and discovered an old suitcase amongst a pile of rubbish at the kerbside of a house in our neighborhood. Since old suitcases have “value” she took it and we walked home with it in hand.

She was in hysterics laughing so much the tears were tripping her. She told me she was laughing at the idea of what people passing in cars must have thought. Has she finally left him?

Now here is the punch line! When we got home and opened that case just guess what we found!

Blessing # 872 – Originals

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