Wagging Tail- 210

This morning when we went to the park with Auntie Denise we saw a pair of woodpeckers. They were busy making holes in trees as you’d expect.

Ma has also been making holes in wood today. She took up the carpet as her “Buddies” recommended. That was easy! It took about an hour to lift it and the under felt but that’s when the real work started.

Far be it from me to put my nose into anyone’s business but that carpet was hiding a multitude of sins.

The under felt had been stapled to the wood floor with, she claims, at least two thousand stables!

Seems like an exaggeration to me but she is walking a bit funny tonight.

She’s nearly finished the staple pulling so is all fired up that tomorrow she can paint! I volunteered to come help her pull the rest out. I’m sure my teeth could handle it as well as her pliers but she says if a staple got in my tootsie it would be awful sore. She knows because her fingers are like pin cushions tonight.

So I’ll have to stay home again tomorrow. At least I have some company.

Blessing # 873 – Ripping Yarn

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