Wagging Tail- 214

I’m excessively late because my secretary has been going non stop all day and is just now sitting with wine.

I’ve been chilling and playing with my Dad. He is so good to me and we snuggle up real good.

Ma has been panicking today because the temperatures are set to plummet tonight and she still has no heat. So she had to mobilize storage heaters from the general contractor and pray.

She went to work at the mall and when she got back at 9:00 she had an email that nearly drove her insane. The heating and cooling people had sent a revised quote that is, drum roll needed, FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS more than their original.

I know that now she won’t sleep so I decided to get some kip while I can.

She had to have British diversion so she is watching Graham Norton on play back. It’s boring except for Dolly Parton.

Blessing # 878 – Nine pm to Five am

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