Wagging Tail- 215

Happy Diwali everyone especially to my Indian relatives. We talked to my Uncle, Aunty and cousins in Mumbai earlier and will call New Jersey family soon.

I’m blessed to live in a multinational household. We start the annual eating season with Diwali, move on to Thanksgiving for yours truly, the only US citizen in the house, then Christmas for herself and finally Chinese New Year. It’s a non stop bonanza of frantic feasting.

My Dad has been working on today’s meal for days. I don’t know if it’s because of COVID or what but this year he is really pushing the boat out especially on the sweet front.

He even made me a special portion without spice all chopped up with love to go in my kibble this evening.

We have lit our little lights and are getting ready for a good tuck in. We’re having appetizers right now.

I’m happy and thankful and feeling very ready to celebrate and be with my family tonight.

Blessing # 879 – Party Time

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