Wagging Tail – 219

I feel like a sloth. So would you if you’d been up at five making websites.

What the heck. Why doesn’t she do things like they did in 1875 when that wretched building was built.

I’d send a pigeon or two out myself. I’d even chase them to spread the news but no oh no. « We need a website Scooby and I’m making it because I’m on a budget »

When she gets into a pickle like she did with the alignment of opening hours she has to divert to paint. So she took off and left me with Dad.

He is getting terribly frustrated with the TV or whatever they are talking about so he throws my pinky at a certain persons image.

Herself did more greening. She transformed what she and Paula call the monster into the GREEN monster.

There is no end. I’m scared real scared that I’m going to look like the Grinch this Christmas.

Blessing # 883 – Merchandising Materials

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