Wagging Tail – 218

Today you wouldn’t believe that Ma has a project. She just did regular Mummy stuff.

She changed the bed and did some laundry and then took me for a three miler.

It was then time for Tuesday morning group. Dad didn’t go as we were waiting for the men to come and change our roof. All the materials were delivered yesterday and are piled in the driveway. They didn’t come and had to reschedule as they are short staffed because of COVID. So he waited for the call on when they’d start. It’s Friday now as high winds are in the forecast for Thursday!

When Ma came home she had a sandwich and I thought she’d take off like lightening but she relaxed and watched TV.

When her program was over she switched to her favorite new You Tube Channel.

It’s called Adirondack Girl at Heart and is all about hunting for antiques and especially interesting for Ma pricing!

I sit at her feet and listen to it all hoping she’ll have a cookie or two while she watches and drop a few crumbs my way. She usually does!

It’s hard work snacking so we had to have a relax. She read her chapter for her Lily Circle book study and fell asleep.

So now we are just up and getting ready for another wee dander.

There’s not even any cooking to do as there’s still leftover from the Indian feast.

It’s the life.

Blessing # 882 – Rest Day

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