Wagging Tail- 222

Today has had its ups and downs mostly ups though.

The roofers arrived at 6:45 and started hammering. Fortunately we were all already up!

No sooner had they started that the rain came. Soon it was pouring.

After about an hour of getting soaked the men came down and called it quits for the day.

Ma and I had to go drop off something at a friends some distance away. We passed the Amish store and bought bacon. There’s is the best it fries up great and doesn’t let you down by shrinking like the supermarket variety.

Having done our business we did a little shopping at a thrift shop and two estate sales.

Of course Ma, like a homing pigeon struck gold. She found beautiful pieces and more art to put up at the tearoom some day.

The most wonderful find is a bowl by Taste Setter Sigma called Lovebirds. It’s on feet and has holes in the bottom like a colander and sits on a matching plate.

If anyone knows what it’s function is please speak up. We’re speculating it’s for holding pasta or salad or maybe strawberries so any remaining water would drain down onto the plate.

We were no soon home and investigating all about our treasure than the rain stopped, the team returned went back up and nailed down half a roof of new shingles.

Blessing # 886 – High Hope

2 Replies to “Wagging Tail- 222”

  1. I love the bowl! I was given something similar, only pottery, with holes in the bottom and on a matching plate. I was told it was for strawberries 🙂


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