Wagging Tail – 223

Our living room is still veiled in blue tarpaulin and it feels like night all day. It’s also coming down like cats and rats outside.

I’m bored senseless.

So is Dad

We are trying to snooze.

Herself is pricing her latest finds that are very seasonal. « « I must get them ready Scooby to take to the store tomorrow »

This got her in the festive mood so now she has on one of her Christmas favorites.

It would give you the creeps all clanking of chains and bad dreams.

She had to take the mood one step further and turn off the lights and burn a candle.

What I have to put up with is dreadful. Bah Humbug!

Thank heavens we went for that bacon yesterday at least I’ve got breakfast for dinner to look forward to.

Blessing # 887 – Classics

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