Wagging Tail- 226

It’s not taking time to rain today. Absolutely drenched we were on our morning trot.

Ma dried me quickly so I didn’t stink too much and then disappeared.

The bro had to move out of his dorm and won’t be back there till January so she went to help him shift his stuff. I wasn’t allowed to go but I can tell this story because I heard her recount it all to Dad.

When she got there he was standing outside in shorts and a tea shirt looking like a drowned rat. He’d finished packing his car and all she had to put in hers were his leftover groceries. « Why the heck did she drive all the way there just for that »

While he went to drop off his keys Ma called her pal Paula to recount the latest update on the heating and cooling fiasco!

Now here’s the funny thing. Paula had bought some furniture for her boutique, where else but ten miles from where Aaron goes to college.

Paula was planning to pick it up in her truck but it would have been soaked before she got it all the way back to where she lives so she asked Mum if she could get it in her car. Sure! That made sense!

So off Aaron went home and off Ma went into the wilds to handle the consignment.

Some new roads were travelled and deep in the woods the pick up was made.

It felt like an adventure in the wilds.

There were cows grazing on hillsides.

There was an old wooden Church.

There was even little old log cabins.

Ma said it was like taking a trip back in time and she felt a bit like a pilgrim out there.

Now she’s back home and I’m glad to say so is the bro. He’s by far the best player I know!

Blessing # 890 – Hill Country

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