Wagging Tail- 227

Our thanksgiving is pretty much as usual as we’re a small family. For those accustomed to big gatherings it must be very strange.

We may be small but we are mighty and don’t do anything on a small scale though. In fact for some reason Ma got an even bigger bird. It’s like a young ostrich.

While it’s cooking slowly we were so happy to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For so many people today it will bring a sense of normality in a changed world. It was really great and we sang along with all the songs.

They even had the Irish Pipes of the NY Fire Brigade. They played America the Beautiful. Seems that when they play you can hear them ten miles away! Wow. They were great.

After the Parade we made the stuffing and watched the The National Dog Show. Another great thanksgiving day tradition.

Just as long as my Ma doesn’t get any ideas about hair styles. I saw her looking closely at that Irish Wheaten Terrier.

The bro is working till three so he has said we must eat when he arrives home as he’s starving himself all day to make room for the feast. We’re ready to roll. Which reminds me we forgot to cook them! Still time to stick them in the oven and some space too now that the critter is « resting »

Blessing # 891 – Ticking the Traditional Boxes

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