Wagging Tail- 229

Ma and me went to the forest this morning. We saw a lot of beautiful red cardinals. One of you bird lovers must know why there are so many out at the moment.

Ma said the scene looked just like one of her recent rescued treasures. It’s an original watercolor by a local artist. She has it set to go to market in the garage.

Must say she has the eye but she needs a steadier hand. When she went just now to take a photo of the picture she dropped a little porcelain statue sitting on top of it. Puts new meaning to a fallen Angel. Thank goodness we have super glue. It’s destiny is now in our family as she couldn’t sell a broken piece.

Anyway we digress. The forest has now come indoors.

Must remember it’s not for real when I’m in a hurry.

Pity it has to go where I do my look out. I’ll take care when I’m guarding just in case another Angel takes a tumble.

Blessing # 893 – Evergreens

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