Wagging Tail – 228

That Turkey is good stuff! So is the stuffing. Gives you lots of energy. We were up at 6:00 and out of the house before 8:00 to take new stock to the antique booth.

Ma was quick because she knew where everything was going to be placed and then we took to the trail.

Man I was ready for a run. Needed to feel that wind in my face and shake off those cobwebs. Ma couldn’t keep up with me I was way ahead!

It was great! Not a soul around except us and the squirrels.

We saw the smallest one ever. Either it has a growth impairment or it was a baby.

I pointed out that it could have been a perfect snack but Ma said NO SCOOBY in her scary voice.

When we got back she took to cleaning the garage. It was literally a process of digging out of her treasure (aka garbage) to get to the Christmas Decorations.

It took her six hours but the decor is now accessible so we know already what tomorrow brings.

Blessing # 892 – Clearings

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