Wagging Tail- 233

Ma and I went for a trot around town last evening. It sure is pretty as all the decorations are up.

Don’t you think people have gone out of their way to make things look pretty this year? Makes you feel all festive.

Many indoor activities can’t happen though like our usual party but outdoor fun like enjoying the lights hasn’t changed.

We have a big show at the zoo here that’s first class for humans but I can’t go but as I might frighten the lions.

We decided we’re going to chill and watch all the classic movies. We plan to grab some that we’ve heard of but never watched before. We started with « It’s a Beautiful Life » We’d heard it was great but had never seen it before. Bit overrated we thought! We’d rather have good old Charlie Brown. There’s a dog star in that!

What are you doing this year that you haven’t done before?

Just as long as Santa is still working we’ll all be fine. Even those pesky deer!

Blessing # 897 – Old & New

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