Wagging Tail- 234

Last night we ate ice cream and watched the tree lighting show at the Rockefeller Center. It was great!

People, including Ma who have visited, say that the Rockefeller tree is the most wonderful in the world. It’s always big. Even I couldn’t make a major mark on it!

This years poor tree though got a lot of criticism for being straggly when it arrived from upstate New York some weeks ago. Typical of 2020 many said.

It was extra special too because a little owl was found in it, rescued, recovered and eventually released This was seen as a sign of hope for better days ahead.

Last night proved that the skeptics were wrong. After a lot of rest and pampering the tree turned out to be awesome.

It has a gazillion lights and rumor says even got branches bonded into it.

Not exactly a one hundred percent natural beauty like myself but a big statement to end a very remarkable year.

Blessing # 898 – Extensions

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