Wagging Tail- 236

The best thing about Ma working on Saturday afternoon, especially when the Mall is very busy with Christmas shoppers, is that she’s in no mood for cooking when she comes home.

So she’s like « Heh Scooby let’s nip downtown and get some Chinese »

Once she puts in the order we go for a trot around the green. That’s one of my favorite places as it’s frequented by so many of my sort. They leave their calling cards on all the lampposts so it’s excites the old nose.

That gets it primed for the ride home with the bucket load of Chinese. The aroma in the car almost drives me into seven heaven.

I could eat every bite of that stuff. Pity I have to share with the family!

Always get my fortune cookie first. They are so crunchy and yummy. Why don’t pet food companies make treats like that!

Most important of course is the message that I always take to heart.

Blessing # 900 – Confucius

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