Wagging Tail – 235

If things were normal the Pantomime season would be starting in theaters all over the UK.

Men would be dressed as ugly women and girls would be dressed as handsome princes. It’s a bit confusing.

If I was a starring I’d definitely be a the leading male! That might be a villain. Anyone say WOLF?

Most appropriate given my affection for piggies.

The bro now is no sleeping beauty but definitely an ideal candidate to be Aladdin.

His moustache is so long it’s curling at the ends. Could get in dumpling soup if you weren’t careful.

If the bro is Aladdin there’s only one thing Ma could possibly be and that’s not a Princess.

I’ll give you a clue. This lady runs a laundry and is Aladdins Mum! Sweet and ugly to boot!

Blessing # 899 – Old Dames

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