Wagging Tail- 241

It’s trash day so we were up before six to get it out.

Ma keeps our trash bags under the sink. When she went to get a new one we were horrified. What a stink!

The sink had sprung a leak and all this icky mucky stuff was everywhere. Totally putrid nearly knocked us out.

Poor soul had no choice but clean it up. I retreated to my chair and let her do it.

Put me right off my crunchies it did.

After she’d mopped all the yuck up with one of my big bath towels she had to throw it out such was the awfulness. That was the saving grace in the story she got rid of the mess immediately. Out it went with the rest of the trash.

After that was done I finally got to pee and she got a coffee. That restored her and she started fixing.

She was under that sink for an hour and a half dissecting the whole U-bend and bleaching. I was expecting some swearing but not a bad word was uttered.

Even after her third attempt the wretched thing was still leaking. Nothing for it but call the professionals.

They arrived in less than two hours and declared it to be a crack in the brass tube that comes from the dish washer. It was just a matter of wear and tear and nothing to do with the bro throwing bacon grease down the sink as Ma suspected. Just as well she hadn’t eaten the face of him!

So we are back in business and all is well. I have been released from my crate, where I had to go till those big men got out, and Ma is feeling very self righteous because she stayed calm and is now officially a DIY genius.

Blessing # 904 – Plumbers

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