Wagging Tail- 242

High energy in the Ma today. She had the urge to keep going so I encourage that as it usually results in a treat.

After our walk she started on her candle making. She collects all these little bits over the year and then makes a few « memory candles » for her nears and dears. They are most peculiar looking all mixed up colors but say nothing if you get one. Just pretend it’s « interesting »

What better day to make them though than Hanukkah. She kept one for herself because it sorta backfired. We all need a little light so why not.

After the candles she took to the cookies. Dad had suggested going to Gordon’s the foodservice store and buying those frozen ones that you stick in the oven and wait. The bro had another opinion he said he’d rather have Ma make them. So of course this made her smirk.

He’s not stupid that lad. She smothered a whole stack of them in chocolate just for him and left him a variety plate for his return from work. They are gigantic! Meal in a munch!

Of course I can’t complain because she made me some little ones too minus the brown stuff. They were good!

I could get used to this festive season if it wasn’t for all these songs she insists on playing as does her stuff.

Even poor Dad got fed up with Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. So we’re bantering to Light Classical. Not sure it’s any better. I’ll take the Rap!

Blessing # 905 – Lights and Not so Lights

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