Wagging Tail- 245

Today is special because the bro passed his final maths test and the vaccine took off. Miraculous!

Ma said we must mark the occasion with a surprise cake for the bro when he gets home from work.

Wouldn’t you think that a woman with a Degree in Food Science would be able to make one?


Even though she watches the Great British Bake Show every week and their masterclass as well she still messes up because she’s always cutting corners!

Some people like Laura, with help from little Luna, make cakes that look like they should be in a cookery book.

They inspire my ma to try. Only problem is she tries to make a cake with a kit destined for cup cakes.

I smelt a rat and I was right! It came out like a pancake.

The sticky crumb stuff went in my crunchies which was a perk though!

The frosting, which is thicker than the cake, is happily hiding a multitude of sins.

The bro won’t care. He’d eat anything. Come to think of it so would I.

Blessing # 908 – Icing Up

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