Wagging Tail- 250

Usually on Friday my Mum is full of fun but today she is feeling flat and frustrated.

It started this morning with her trying to fix a stand she bought yesterday that in theory was to be a perfect piece for « merchandising » at the antique booth.

It’s a piece of junk if you ask me but nothing would do her but she’d fix it. She thinks it will be ideal to stage her greatest “treasures

There’s as much glue on it to hold together the proverbial Gorilla! It’s not sturdy though I predict disaster. After collapsing at least ten times I took shelter behind the sofa.

Took hours to get it stuck together and that glue would give you a sore head. Hope she’s not going to display anything valuable on it when she does take it to the store!

She then hit on the bro as soon as he surfaced to go out with her. She can’t get his attention for even an hour to get his new phone or do any shopping as he’s too preoccupied with work. They are short staffed and he’s doing double shifts.

She tried to reach the Apple store herself but after hanging on the phone for half an hour to get an appointment she gave up. Santa better get busy to fill those stockings!

So we’re just mopping around the house watching YouTube videos about the Royals. They usually cheer her up. Makes her feel that even the most rich and famous don’t always get their own way.

Blessing # 913 – Scandals

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