Wagging Tail- 249

Man I love the snow. Some places not too far away got feet off it. We only got about three inches. That’s enough to make snowballs.

I love rolling in it and chasing people around the yard. This morning I took off for a while but return for a treat.

Auntie Denise took a pic of me and Ma as we never get our photos together when we’re out for a trot. Today was too good to miss.

Dad doesn’t like it when we plough into the house with the white stuff on our feet but what to do?

It soon dries and I kinda like licking it too. Very refreshing after a good two miler.

Ma is besotted with the beauty of it all. She’s especially happy with how our baby fir tree looks that she planted in summer 2018. It’s because I arose it well when we go out the front door for evening job!

I’m just dying to get out and play some more never mind taking photos woman.

Let’s make snow angels like himself use to do when he was my age!

Blessing # 912 – Postcard Pic

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