Wagging Tail-254

Today was all about flowers.

Ma and me set out early for Trader Joe’s where they have some good ones.

Many other people were already in line when we got there at 8:20. They only let so many people in the store at once so Ma had to line up and wait.

I thought she’d never come back but eventually she did. She’d literally bought a bucket load!

After a quick nip around town so I’d feel more comfortable we set out to do our deliveries.

Ma had her festive clothes on. She’s decided no matter what we’re still having Christmas.

When we got home we’d no sooner sat down than a lovely plant arrived for us from Auntie Laura.

She always picks the prettiest things.

Her touches from Christmas past are all over our place along with those from other pals old and new.

Makes us all warm and fuzzy thinking how much we love each one of them.

Blessing # 917 – Dear Ones

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