Wagging Tail- 255

One of this weeks finds was yet another chair this time a child’s one.

Who knows what color it started out as, maybe it was once a fine polished wood but when herself snagged it is was pink.

Not a subtle baby pink but a bubble gum hew.

This morning when she had had enough of walking and her new YouTube favs she decided to paint.

Now anyone in their right mind would do such a thing in an area where spillage wouldn’t matter.

Not Ma. She plopped it on the kitchen table and started in. Seems the garage was too cold for such endeavors.

I backed off with Dad as it was best not to be held responsible for any damage. We ate cookies on the quiet but I think she spied us with her little eye.

The objet d’art has now had its first coat and it does look better. Kinda shabby chic.

Votes are being taken as to what the final color should be. Obviously pink is too girlish, blue too boyish. What are your thoughts? Leave it white or make it a rainbow?

Blessing # 918 – Choices

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