Wagging Tail-260

Poor Ma has had a super stressful day yesterday. She was exhausted and forgot to post my epistle.

It started when we came back from our morning walk. She’d had a call from the contractor and that almost made her faint. The reason is he is on vacation in Florida. Why would he be calling if it wasn’t something serious.

She was shaking when she called him back because she feared the worst BURST PIPES. Well as it turned out that was not the case. Seems the people working at the project had had a good idea on how to do part of the work in an easier way and just wanted her to approve the plan. Whew!

We had to drive up to the house to give the green light which was a delight for me.

Next we went shopping for a special dinner for the bro who is home for the night. He’d asked for Beef Wellington so Ma said she’d try to do it!

Now as you know she is no Gordon Ramsey so this has kept her busy all afternoon starting with finding puff pastry because she for sure wasn’t making that!

To accompany the delight a crème brûlée was requested. Well that bombed completely it was like scrambled egg floating in water. Yuck.

It went in the trash and she had to start again. I could have scoffed the wasted one but she said it would give me the scoots.

The take two is now in the oven with the beef which is burning on the outside and raw on the inside.

She is asking herself why does she bother. She should just throw in the towel and order take out.

Why? Well the reason is us. The bro and me and Dad of course will see her through her ups and downs. Even if her cooking is horrible we will give her a kiss because she tries hard to please us.

One piece of good news the 1000 pièce jigsaw she ordered of the bro and me for his surprise Christmas pressie eventually arrived.

There is also the saving grace of things that need no cooking. Let us eat!

Blessings # 923 – Salad is Safe

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