Wagging Tail- 259

When Ma came home from church this morning she was a woman on a mission. She was going to sort and pack all her Christmas stock from her booth at the antique store that she hadn’t sold. The goal was to get as much as possible into as little space as possible. The girl did good. Two boxes and still some space left.

It’s awfully boring for me when she does this but at least she put on some good singing by a certain Lady Gaga in a movie called A Star is Born. Awful lot of bad words in that movie though!

We didn’t get a chance to see the end though because she got a call. Seems someone couldn’t come to work at the store today so her boss wondered could she come in. Sure she could and off she went.

The bladder of steel came in useful again as a she didn’t return till 5:15 and I’d last been out at 8:30.

What a joy though that awaited us. Never ever have either of us seen such a beautiful sunset.

Blessing # 922 – Seasons Finale

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