Wagging Tail- 262

On the first day of 2020 I took my Ma on a very long walk. Who knew it would be indicative of the year ahead.

A lot of steps have been taken together, many with two friends we drew close to.

The bro walked the stage at his graduation not quite in the way he expected and took the next step to college.

New doors were opened and new lessons learned not least about making choices and being patient and putting things in perspective.

More than a few bullets were dodged not least a lightening strike. The house could have gone up in smoke instead it has a new roof and unlike so many others we’re all still sitting in our favorite spots.

We discovered beautiful places on our doorstep and connected in unexpected ways with familiar places very far away.

Most of all we learned how much we owe so many who take care of us in ways we might never have acknowledged before.

Blessing # 925 – Moving On

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