Wagging Tail- 263

What a totally yucky start to 2021. Ma and me were up early feeling frisky but our plans for a long walk with Auntie Denise were scuppered by freezing rain.

It really is nasty stuff so we only did a quick one miler and we are drenched. I look like a drowned rat. No offense to the rodents.

Ma is working all day too so she’ll be driving in it soon. I’ll content myself with indoor activities to get my steps in like chasing piggy and getting Dad to play with rocket.

We must keep fit! Ma told me she feels happy that eight years ago she quit the ciggies this year her goal is to quit the yo-yo dieting.

As you all know she takes the head staggers every now and then and starves herself then she bakes a bucket load of buns and eats most of them herself.

I keep telling her to share the love I’d happily help her moderate her intake.

Maybe this year she’ll listen and just be thankful for small mercies and all the workouts I give her.

I’m not too keen though on all those green things that are part of her plan. If she wants to eat those she better get a second pet.

Blessing # 926 – Old Goat

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