Wagging Tail- 269

Some dogs wear overcoats in winter. They can be so posh they get to the front pages.

My girlfriends Georgia and Josie have cute knitted jackets that look like Aran sweaters. Of course they are very girlie girls.

My new pal Woodford’s like me he’s big and butch and sticks to wearing only collars and neckties.

We went playing today at the dog park near our project. Woodfords Mom and mine both got their fancy coats all covered in muck from our paws when we jumped on them to get some treats.

I was so messy there was nothing else for it but a bath when I got home.

I hate baths. That’s one advantage of clothes you can take them off and change them but when it’s your own self that’s mucky well that’s a whole different story.

Blessing # 932– Clean Up

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