Wagging Tail- 268

Ma worked real hard yesterday taking down the Christmas décor and putting up the RED regalia for Chinese New Year.

She was richly rewarded by the man of the orient. The bro decided to give us all Netflix.

Ma was delighted and when he set her up with THE CROWN she binge watched it for the rest if the day.

Dad enjoyed some of it with me until we both dozed off.

Today though I can tell you none of us is sleeping. We are glued to the news as we’re living out a very sad moment in history.

It is beyond words. No Netflix producer could have imagined such scenes.

We have all heard the word Lockdown a lot in recent months but who would ever have believed it would apply to the US Capital building.

May God Bless us all.

Blessing # 931 – Democracy

2 Replies to “Wagging Tail- 268”

  1. Very true. We are need to pray for our country. They just announced that Trump has at last just tweeted that protesters should follow police instructions. Arsonists sometimes get burned!


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