Wagging Tail- 271

It was all higgledee piggledee here today.

The bro got home around midnight which meant Ma woke up, Dad woke up and therefore so did I. Yawn!

The Mother had to get up at her usual time to get me out for trot before she had her monthly Kairos Advisory Council meeting.

When we got back Dad was still sleeping in the bedroom and the bro was sleeping in the basement. This ruled out both locations where she usually does her calls.

Knowing she’d be interrupted at some point if she stayed in the living room either by the menfolk or my barking we had to hide ourselves in the bros bedroom that he never uses anymore.

I was like a true star throughout the meeting just lying back and listening to all these ladies talking about their plans.

They know just as you know that I can understand everything they say. They can trust me though. I won’t say a word. I’ll just put a sock in it!

Blessing # 934 – Zooming

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