Wagging Tail- 272

Herself is super excited because this evening on PBS a new production of All Creatures Great and Small will start.

The story is about a vet who takes care of all sorts of animals including lots of dogs who are the stars of the show. So of course I’ll watch myself since my kind are covered in such glory. I’ll even stick out my tongue if he asks

Ma said she watched the original series with Auntie Carol back in the 70s and 80s when they were both just pups themselves.

The books are great too and were written by a real vet called Alf Wright who for some reason gave himself the name James Herriot.

My Mum and Dad worked in pet nutrition and went to conferences with some people who knew Alf himself.

Seems he was a wonderful man. Very kind and good to all animals including people. Thank goodness he took the time to write down all his experience. He’s inspired me already and I haven’t started watching yet!

Blessing # 973 – Storytellers

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