Wagging Tail- 275

We didn’t win last night’s lottery. We didn’t get a single number. Tonight’s the night!

I don’t know if it was the failure to win that made her agitated but she’s been spinning like a tornado.

She started moaning as soon as we got up about my toys. « Scooby why are all these critters on my sofa? »

What she didn’t say was she wanted the sofa for her business not mine.

She’s getting ready for a makeover at her booth and so is pricing the new season stock. It was everywhere. Took over the whole living room. Chaos!

We boys decided to get off side. The bro’s classes started online yesterday but he had to go to college to get his new books. Dad said he’d go too so I also jumped on board.

When we got back all my nice doggie smell had gone.

When she finished with her treasures she started vacuuming. She does that only once in a blue moon.

What a reward she received. Dad got the bro to take him shopping for snacks and her wine. Dad can’t buy just one thing he has to get a mountain.

The wine rack is completely filled. Should do her for a month or two!!!!! Maybe though we’ll need it for a party when the draw is made later!

Blessing # 976 – Cleaned Out

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