Wagging Tail-274

The lottery here has reached staggering heights. It’s now 650 million on the Mega Millions and 550 million on the Powerball.

Ma says she’s done the lottery only about three times since moving to USA more than ten years ago but this is worth a go.

I was like sure Ma I’ll put my paw on that. We’ll wear our green for luck. Now let’s choose some numbers and get those tickets.

When she’s decided on something herself is quick on the draw so when we googled to get a pic of the lottery for my message she realized there was a number on it.

What better number than that. Wonder how many other people use it? Statistically she tells me it has as much chance of ringing up as any other number so she put it on both tickets.

I already consider myself a winner. On the way to get the tickets we passed the coyote trail. So, good readers, guess where I got to go hunting?

We hadn’t been there since summer and it looks so different with no leaves on the trees.

It’s a great spot though and as a memorial to a previous trail blazer recognized a great place for a wagging tail even if there isn’t a ball insight.

Blessing # 975– Steps To Success

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