Wagging Tail- 277

It’s a bad hair day and it’s only just started. I’m all shook up!

It’s pouring outside so I only got a nip to the end of the street but to make things worse there are even more upending matters at the project. The new heater has thrown a wobbler and sprung a leak!

If mother’s nerves hadn’t already been shattered by previous events they’d have broken now. This whole adventure really keeps us on the edge of our seats. Just as well she white in the head already.

Poor Dad is not exempt from problems either. In the midst of doing all the bills he forgot that today is the last day to submit the prepayment of taxes so he’s rushing to get that ready for Ma to post before she goes to work!

As some clever dude said it never rains but it pours.

There are a few ups to the downs though.

No one got hurt

The leak didn’t do any damage apart from wrecking some coil in the heater.

Since it’s raining it’s too warm for pipes to freeze even if the heat is off.

Even if I don’t get a good walk I’ll get a ride in the car to the post office!

My hair dries fast and I always look better coiffed after a rub down which bus essential for an outing in public.

It’s FRIDAY so any problem is easier to handle when pizza and bubbles are in the fridge and forecast for this evening.

Blessing # 978 – Silver Lining

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