Wagging Tail – 278

This week we watched a great movie called The Two Popes. If you haven’t seen it try to catch it.

It’s about two men who are as different as chalk and cheese. Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.

Francis is an extrovert who is friends with everyone and likes to dance tango while Benedict is an introvert who had a life devoid of personal friends and plays piano.

Yet over their transition time, as the extrovert prepared to succeed the introvert, they grew very close.

They learned from each other and to love each other.

Something similar happened here some years ago when President Clinton succeeded President Bush with Clinton becoming like a son to the elder statesman.

I never did get to meet my predecessor but I know he was very different from me. He was a pure bred, I’m a rescue. He barked at dogs when out walking while I bark at bikes. He shredded his cuddly toys while I take mine to bed at night. He was so handsome and looked great in black and white while I need full technicolor to look my best.

We share one big thing in common though we both love our humans unconditionally.

There is a big transition underway in the USA. Once again the individuals are very different. There’s no handover happening though so no opportunity for getting to know each other.

Instead the beautiful capital is becoming a fortress.

Soon though there will be one of my kind back in the White House and a very noble looking guy he is too. This can only mean one thing better days lie ahead after all who could do that job without a best friend by their side.

Blessing # 979Major Improvement

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