Wagging Tail- 280

I’m terribly late with my daily news because my secretary has been very busy. Well that’s her story!

It started with ice and freezing rain and has ended with snow and zoom.

We met Auntie Denise as always but didn’t get far as we were slip sliding away. We went just far enough for Ma to dumpster dive.

She found a carpet in the neighbor’s trash and poor Auntie Denise had to go get her truck to get it to our house. Denise is a saint!

I am a mortified one. Beyond embarrassing this woman!

As soon as she got it home she started trimming it to get rid if all the straggly ends. Just as long as she doesn’t take those shears to me I’m OK with that!

That effort was no sooner over, and I was getting good and comfortable, than she took off to the antique mall. The car was full of her treasures including the magic carpet!

She’s been waking up early and that means trouble when she has nothing to do. So today’s plan was to reinvent her booth. Finding the carpet was like divine intervention endorsing today as the day!

She returned, wolfed down two chicken burgers and vanished into zoom. So now she has resurfaced we’re banging this out before she passes out.

While the before wasn’t bad since she’d jiggled it around several times before

the after is definitely better and doesn’t that carpet look swell!

Blessing # 981– Job Done

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