Wagging Tail- 279

Sometimes you need to make compromises.

Ma was working this afternoon and was meant to be home by four to take me for a good trot.

She didn’t arrive till five.

She’d made a detour to the thrift store to look for a carpet for her booth to make it look more welcoming.

She didn’t find a carpet but got distracted treasure hunting.

She found the bro an old Manchester United vs Juventus program for his dorm room but nothing for me! Ah well who wants a used bone anyway.

So when she makes it home she asks will I thaw something and we’ll go for a good walk or make the roast dinner. We all yell roast that chicken girlfriend.

So of course you can’t have roast chick without roast spuds. So I had to hang on and then got the four hundred yard compromise walk.

Who cares when you can smack the lips around a good bit of meat.

One of her finds of the Day may object but he’ll forgive us for sure.

Blessing #980 – Bird Lovers

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