Wagging Tail- 282

It’s as well I slept well last night as it’s been hectic here.

First up, Ma had to sort out a problem at the project about a blocked toilet of all things. Quite disgusting!

After that we had to go to get her an annual check up on a matter only girls talk about.

Still, this meant I got a good ride in the car which made up for the sprint of a walk earlier.

The ride home was at breakneck speed so she’d see every bit of President Biden and Vice President Harris’s inauguration.

Tears were tripping her as she watched the first ever woman VP sworn in.

The ceremony was beautiful. Lady Gaga, JLo and Garth Brooks were all brilliant and that young poet Amanda Gorman was amazing.

It was the President though who won the day with his speech. Some said up there with Lincoln’s. Let’s pray his words come true.

Blessing # 983 – New Day

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